If you’re thinking of installing fake grass, supermarket artificial grass may seem immediately appealing because of the low price, but beware! There are plenty of reasons why buying Tesco artificial grass, Lidl artificial grass or any other supermarket artificial grass may not be effective in the long term. Let’s look at the problems with buying supermarket artificial grass, before you pop a roll in your trolley!

Appearance of artificial grass

A good quality artificial turf will look and feel just like natural grass. The colour won’t be bright or luminous green, but it will have a natural shade. Fake grass should look natural close-up, not appearing flat or matted.

A good artificial grass should have a thick, dense pile which gives a more natural looking appearance and ensures the blades of grass stand up. The texture is also important… you want your fake turf to feel just like grass.

The problem with supermarket artificial grass is that because it is not expensive, the quality isn’t so good. You may buy and install your false grass only to find that it looks cheap and well-worn, making your garden and outside space look unattractive.

Durability of synthetic grass

Whether you want your artificial grass to be used as a lawn in a garden, a play area in a school, as astro turf for a sporting area or to create a putting green, you want it to last and be able to cope with a high amount of traffic as well as for the intended activity.

Supermarkets such as Morrison’s artificial grass will often not have a strong, mesh backing which keeps the product durable and stops it from tearing or fraying after extensive use.

Longevity of fake grass

It’s pointless and a false economy to buy supermarket artificial grass, only to have to replace it again in a few years’ time. Higher quality brands of fake grass will continue to look good for decades with many lasting for 20 years.

It is worth checking supermarket artificial grass to see if they offer a guarantee. We would suggest avoiding buying anything that offers less than 5 years’ peace of mind.

Another good test is to check the country of origin of your supermarket artificial grass. Asda and other supermarket brands often produce their fake grass outside of Europe where quality checks are not as strict as European manufacturers. If the quality is low grade, your artificial turf won’t look as good or last as long.

Don’t be fooled by supermarket artificial grass. For premium quality fake turf at rock bottom prices, look to Astro Warehouse.

There’s no denying that supermarket artificial grass is cheap. But cheap is not always cheerful. Sometimes, paying a bit extra can work out for the best in the long term. You’ll get a better quality and nicer looking false turf that will last longer and will be fit for purpose.

This doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds! Astro Warehouse keeps prices down through supply only. Whatever you intend to use your fake grass for, our artificial grass products are premium quality and will last for 20 years on average. And we are so confident in our product that we offer a guarantee of 8 years.

Why not order samples and check out the quality for yourself? Order yours here. We also have a range of installation guides to help you fit your synthetic grass on any surface. Questions? Get in touch with our helpful team.