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When it comes to an artificial grass supply-only service, you will find it hard to beat Astro Warehouse.

Looking for the best deal on fake grass? Our trade-friendly supply-only service guarantees you’ll receive nothing but the highest grade quality, at the most affordable rates you’ll find anywhere. Read on to discover the merits of the Astro Warehouse grass range. Because when you’re looking for cheap artificial grass for sale, there’s no need at all to compromise on quality.

The Astro Warehouse Grass Range

The beauty of the Astro Warehouse grass range is that there is something to suit every requirement. From creating beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces and eye-catching event features, to installing safe-play zones and smooth-rolling golf putting greens, you’ll find all you need from our artificial grass products.

  • Astro Venus – perfect for events, exhibitions and indoor use
  • Astro Mars – the right choice for family gardens, pet and child-friendly
  • Astro Neptune – our speciality school product
  • Astro Pluto – the ideal fake turf solution for golf putting greens
  • Astro Jupiter – our sports grade artificial grass, athletically engineered
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Astro Venus Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cheap artificial grass that oozes quality, Astro Venus makes the perfect choice. Ideal for indoor use and perfect for events such as weddings and exhibitions, this fake turf also makes for an amazingly natural landscaped outdoor lawn.

At 38mm, Astro Venus is one of the deepest pile false grasses, and its blend of green and coffee-hued tufts really do add to the authentic feel. This is one of the most hard wearing fake grass products you’ll find, the right option if you want a cheap artificial grass that doesn’t compromise on quality and effect.

  • Visually realistic
  • Natural feel
  • Hard wearing
  • Ideal for events
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Astro Mars Fake Grass

This is our family-friendly fake turf product, offering straightforward maintenance and exceptional durability. Child-safe, pet-safe and totally versatile, this 30mm cheap artificial grass is so realistic.

Soft and springy and environmentally friendly, Astro Mars is one of our most popular false lawn choices. Install it on any surface, from soil and slabs to decking and concrete, and this fake grass will completely transform your space, providing a natural look and feel without the big price tag.

  • Highly durable
  • Child and pet safe
  • Vibrant colour
  • Suitable for any surface
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Astro Neptune Synthetic Grass

Our speciality school product, Astro Neptune is incredibly hard-wearing and ultra-soft, making it ideal for safe play. This is a 30mm cheap artificial grass of the most premium quality, constructed with super-strong tufts able to stand up to the heaviest use.

Astro Neptune doesn’t just perform in terms of robustness, it also looks fantastic too. The multi-toned tufts look beautifully natural. Lay Neptune around a pool, or create a child-friendly garden that looks amazing and delivers on safety too.

  • Speciality school product
  • Hard-wearing fake grass
  • Perfect for light-medium sports use
  • Natural multi-toned look
More about Astro Neptune

Astro Pluto Fake Grass

This is the fake grass to choose if you are looking to create a putting green or golf practice area. The short 15mm pile will ensure a nice smooth ball roll, and the natural look of this cheap artificial grass makes it popular for commercial use.

Astro Pluto fake turf has been engineered with special root zone technology that keeps the pile upright year-round. So even with the highest levels of footfall, you’ll find this false turf goes the distance, staying springy underfoot and delivering the highest levels of value.

  • Speciality golf product
  • 15mm pile for the perfect ball roll
  • Designed for high footfall
  • Natural looking multi-tone
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Astro Jupiter Synthetic Grass

Sometimes you find a cheap artificial grass that totally delivers on quality, despite its low price tag. Astro Jupiter is one of those fake grass products. With its luxuriously thick 35mm pile, and its multi-tone appearance, there is everything to love about the quality, and the low cost!

Astro Jupiter is often chosen for sports use, simply because of its athletic engineering that helps to enhance performance. But this is a fake grass that’s equally at home in any garden landscaping environment.

  • Ideal for sports use
  • Perfect for garden landscaping
  • High density texture
  • Natural multi-tone appearance
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Why choose Astro Warehouse for cheap artificial grass?

At Astro Warehouse, we offer a quality promise, together with a lowest-price guarantee. So you can rest assured you’ll be getting artificial grass of the highest quality, at the most competitive rates you’ll find anywhere.

It’s so easy to order from us, and we promise fast delivery and instant availability too, thanks to our extensive stock levels. So if you need cheap artificial grass urgently, you can rely on Astro Warehouse.

Another benefit of choosing Astro Warehouse is that we stock all you’ll need to install fake grass. From weed barrier membrane and shock pad underlay to sand and adhesive, everything is available on our website, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time shopping around.

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Premium Quality Cheap Artificial Grass from Astro Warehouse

Want premium quality fake grass without the high price tag? You won’t find a better deal outside of Astro Warehouse.

With everything you need for the full installation readily available from our website, together with swift delivery and expert help on hand whenever you need it, we are confident that you’ll not hesitate to consider Astro Warehouse your first choice for everything artificial grass related.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium grade cheap artificial grass, the type that we sell here at Astro Warehouse, will give you anything up to 20 years of enjoyment. That’s why buying from us really does prove to be excellent value for money. Fake grass is such a great investment too. Two whole decades without having to mow, water or fertilise your lawn, imagine the savings! As long as you follow the correct guidelines for installation, ensure good drainage, and take steps to keep your fake lawn well-maintained, it will continue to give you years of pleasure.

Proper maintenance of your synthetic lawn will prolong its life, and keep it looking its best. Use a stiff broom or plastic rake to remove debris and leaves, or use a leaf blower. A good brush on a regular basis will keep the fibres upright so the lawn continues to look appealing. If you spill anything on the fake grass, simply flush it away with water, don’t use any cleaning products. Always keep hot items away from the lawn, especially barbeques, and when placing heavy items on fake grass, be sure to spread the load so you don’t get too many indentations.

Pretty much any surface is suitable for artificial grass, providing it benefits from good drainage and is prepared properly ahead of installation. You can generally lay take grass on anything from a soil to decking, from concrete and slabs to tiles. If you intend to replace a natural lawn with false grass though, be sure to remove the turf first. It’s not possible to lay artificial grass directly over a real lawn.

This is where your weed barrier membrane comes into play, and the proper groundwork you did will serve you well. Fake grass is constructed in such a way that water drains directly through it, so as long as your base has good drainage, you won’t see any puddles forming on your artificial lawn.

All our cheap artificial grass ranges are perfectly safe for children and pets. Free from heavy metals and chemicals, all the fake turf we supply are family-friendly. We recommend laying a shock pad underlay ahead of fitting your fake grass, especially if children will be playing on the lawn. It just makes the landing that bit softer.

Depending on the surface on which you are installing your fake grass, there are particular guidelines that you’ll need to follow. Be sure to select the right installation guide to match your base so that you can enjoy your lawn for many years to come. We’ve put together a number of guides for various base types, including everything from natural turf to soil and gravel, and from decking to concrete, slabs and tiles. Be sure to read the guidance before you start.

All our cheap artificial grass ranges are sold complete with an 8-year guarantee, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. We also offer quibble-free refund or replacement should you discover any defects.

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“Astro Warehouse don’t only sell the grass but also the installation materials such as the joining tape and glue, it made it so much easier for my builder.”

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