One of the main benefits to having fake grass is that it looks lush all year round and is resistant to all types of weather. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf will not be affected by the heat and lack of rain during the hot summer months, nor will the colder temperatures with excess water damage it during the winter months. Here we take a look at the different issues that can come up during winter, with top tips on how you can help maintain and protect your synthetic lawn.

Will Freezing Temperatures Damage Fake Grass?

Frost will not damage or break the fibres used in your astro turf garden. The best course of action is to let any ice melt on its own. We definitely wouldn’t recommend using any anti-freeze products on your artificial lawn as the chemicals could harm the materials in your synthetic lawn.

Also, don’t be tempted to put salt on your artificial grass as it might sink to the bottom and reduce the ability of it to drain the rainwater away. Drainage is a key issue for maintaining and treating your fake lawn. Poor drainage can lead to damaging the fake grass fibres and therefore the look of the lawn. It can shorten the lifespan of your grass and can encourage weeds and mould to grow. It’s better to ensure good maintenance throughout the year of your astro turf garden as repairs can be costly.

What Should You Do if Snow Covers Your Artificial Grass?

Snow won’t damage your fake turf and like natural grass, you can relax and enjoy the view. Just like ice, don’t pour any chemicals or salt onto the snow as this can lead to damage to the synthetic fibres of your fake grass and cause drainage issues. So, you can just let the snow melt away naturally.

Be careful walking on your astro turf garden when it has snowed as it will be slippery, and it could compact the snow forming a layer which may affect your drainage. If you’re worried or don’t like the white look, you can remove the snow with either a plastic shovel or with your hands. Avoid using a metal shovel as this could damage the synthetic grass.

Will Heavy Rain or Flooding Ruin a Synthetic Lawn?

 Fake grass is extremely resilient to lots of rain and will even survive being submerged under a lot of water for a while. An excessive amount of water logging can cause mould, but if you have had your fake lawn installed by professional artificial grass suppliers the chance of waterlogging is minimal as your installation and drainage will have been overseen by experts.

Maintenance Can Help the Longevity of Your Fake Grass

Regularly maintaining your synthetic grass throughout the year can help ensure the longevity of your lawn and that it does not sustain any damage from excessive snow or frost in the winter months. You should continue to brush your fake lawn throughout winter using a stiff, natural bristle broom.

Remove debris from your astro turf garden as this can affect the drainage and encourage weeds to grow. Pick up debris by hand or use a leaf blower, brush or plastic rake.

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