A common question asked when fitting a fake lawn is, do I need artificial grass underlay? Here we explore that question in detail, looking at the benefits of installing underlay under your fake lawn, and what might happen if you decide to leave it out.

Do I need artificial grass underlay?

Not all artificial grass installers will suggest you use artificial grass underlay. However, bearing in mind the fact that it is not actually very expensive, there really is little that should put you off using it. In fact, what can happen if you don’t use it should be more of a concern.

If you are installing fake grass over the likes of concrete, gravel or tiles, then you will most certainly benefit from the added cushioning provided by artificial grass underlay. A good shock pad fitted under the lawn will make it feel a great deal softer, which is good news for families with children and pets. And of course, it’s nice to walk across a bouncy lawn!

And there are plenty more reasons why you should install artificial grass shockpad under your synthetic lawn.

Underlay makes fake grass safer

This is particularly important if you have children who will be playing on the fake grass. If you are fitting a fake lawn in a nursery garden or a school, are creating a child’s play area, or making a garden football pitch, then safety will need to be a priority.

Artificial grass underlay gives a fake lawn a nice, cushioned feel, ideal for reducing the impact of falls.

Underlay makes a synthetic lawn feel nicer

Most people will want their fake lawn to feel soft and spongy as they walk on it. It gives a more luxurious feel underfoot, and creates more of a high end appeal.

Artificial grass underlay protects the fake lawn, making the pile stand up better and generally making the whole area feel so much nicer.

Underlay makes it possible to install fake grass over hard surfaces

Whether you are replacing a patio or a garden deck with fake grass, the fact is, these are hard surfaces, and without some form of underlay, they will stay that way.

It is highly recommended to fit fake grass underlay when installing an artificial lawn over slabs, concrete, stones, tiles or wooden decking.

Improve the look and feel of your synthetic lawn with artificial grass underlay from Astro Warehouse

If you want your fake lawn to feel great and look appealing too, artificial grass underlay is a must.

Astro Shockpad is fitted directly below the artificial grass, providing a softer, bouncier and more realistic surface.

Astro Shockpad sheets introduce critical fall height of up to 1.3 metres, making the surface a perfect safety solution for nursery gardens, school playgrounds, sports areas, or anywhere else children will be playing.

The Astro Shockpad is fully porous, can be easily interlocked into place, comes in 2 x1 metre sheets, is made from recyclable materials and works well under all weather conditions. Choose from 15mm or 18mm thickness.

Don’t forget to check out our installation guides for help fitting fake grass on any type of surface. Questions? Get in touch with our expert team.