With most of us spending more time at home due these days, we’ve had time to appreciate our outdoor space. The way in which we use our gardens to help with exercise, relaxation, work and our mental health will all continue to form the latest garden trends for 2021, as well as those that have a focus on protecting the environment. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the garden design trends that are set to make an impact this year.

Making use of the space you have

 Whether you have a large sprawling garden, or it’s more of a compact space, making full use of your personal outdoors will form one of the major garden trends for 2021. With many people working from home for the foreseeable future, the popularity of outbuildings is set to balloon considerably, as a need for quiet and privacy becomes increasingly important, and a desire for a work-home divide grows.

For those with more limited outdoor space, there will be enhanced focus on balcony and kitchen windowsill gardening, with herbs and plants that can be grown and then used in home cooking becoming ever more popular.

2020 saw a huge increase in the number of people experimenting with growing produce at home. Whether creating a vegetable plot from scratch, or even just growing a few tomatoes in pots, this will continue as one of the garden trends for 2021 as something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the outdoor space available.

Bringing the inside out

During the lockdowns of 2020, people really did start to get more creative with their gardens, using them for exercise, play, home schooling, socialising and even work.

Gardens have now become an extension of the house, and this seamless flow from the inside to the outside will continue as one of the key garden trends of 2021.

Zoning is a great way to make outside space really work for all the different things it has now become. Section off areas for play, perhaps with some nice, soft artificial grass for children to go about their leisure and learning in safety.

For work, a comfy chair and table in a nice shady spot will make the ideal sanctuary away from the bustle of the indoors, and lovely and cool too for those hot summer days. And then comes the social bit. Think outdoor cushions, garden rugs, outside sofas and potted plants. A lush, maintenance-free artificial lawn will set it all off beautifully!

Wild gardening

A highly manicured garden with hours spent mowing and weeding is not high on the list of priorities for many. More of us are now looking for low maintenance landscaping trends, and central to this is having a wild garden.

Look to convert specific areas in your garden into butterfly, bee and insect havens using wildflowers, or leave secluded sections completely unattended to attract all sorts of wildlife.

This garden trend for 2021 will give you a warm sense of doing your bit to help nature, and the planet.

Sustainable and eco-gardening

Perhaps one of the biggest gardening trends 2021 will see is the growth of sustainable and eco-gardening.

There are many ways to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to gardening. These can include anything from introducing a water butt, to creating a compost heap and cutting out harmful pesticides.

Periods of lockdown and other restrictions have given many people the time to get on with different projects, including recycling and repurposing materials for the garden. Unused wooden crates, pallets, old fencing and even broken down sheds are all being transformed into the likes of planters and benches. With a splash of imagination, practically anything you’re thinking of throwing out can be turned into something useful. This creative and environmentally garden trend will continue in 2021.

Introducing artificial grass to your garden may not seem an obvious eco-gardening trend, but the lack of high-level maintenance makes this a sustainable choice. With fake grass there’s no need to use huge amounts of water. You don’t need to apply pesticides to feed and weed the lawn, and synthetic grass requires no mowing, so you’ll be playing your part in the reduction of carbon emissions too.

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