Many of us lead increasingly busy lives and this can mean that we want to keep gardening to a minimum. Perhaps you have a demanding family life raising young children, or maybe you work long hours and can’t commit to regular gardening tasks. Whatever your reason, there’s plenty of ways to create a garden that needs less work, ranging from choosing low maintenance plants to replacing your lawn with artificial grass.

There are many reasons to want a low-maintenance garden. Maybe you’re new to gardening and don’t want to be tied to lots of jobs that you’re unsure about, or perhaps you’re getting older and you’d rather things were that bit more straightforward.

Whether you just don’t like gardening, you don’t have time, or you’d rather be doing something else, here are our top tips for creating a low-maintenance garden.

1.    Minimise planting areas

Keep the amount of space in your garden which are dedicated to planted areas to a minimum. You could do this in several ways, for instance move the flowerbeds back towards the boundaries and install a path or walkway around the garden.

2.    Plant Choice

One of the biggest factors in making your garden low maintenance is to consider your choice of plants. Stick to perennials rather than annuals and opt for hardy plants which can survive with little care through the winter rather than tender plants which will need protecting or moving in the colder months.

3.    Avoid Climbers

Avoid climbing plants as they require a lot of work. Self-climbers such as ivy can run out of control, other climbers need time spent training and tying them to grow them the way you want. Similarly, avoid plants which need constant staking such as dahlias or sweet peas. And unless it’s your absolute passion to grow vegetables, we would suggest avoiding planting crops such as tomatoes and runner beans in your low-maintenance garden for the same reason.

4.    Choose shrubs for Low Maintenance

Shrubs are the best type of plants in gardens where you want to lower the workload as they generally look after themselves and will cover a large amount of space in the ground which can help prevent and disguise weeds. Evergreen shrubs such as lavender, daphne and hemlock will ensure that the garden doesn’t look bare in the winter.

5.    Keep Pots to a Minimum

Pots and containers are a good idea to add splashes of colour dotted around your garden, but don’t overdo it. Too many containers will add to your workload when it comes to feeding, watering and re-potting.

6.    Install a Watering System

One way to really cut back on time spent in the garden in the summer months is to install a watering system. This doesn’t need not be complicated or expensive. A leaky hose draped around your flower beds that is linked to a connector hose attached to your tap is a simple yet effective method that will save you endless trips back and forth with a watering can.

7.    Consider Artificial Grass

Installing an artificial lawn is perhaps the biggest thing you can do to create a low-maintenance garden. With an astro turf garden, you will no longer have to spend hours mowing, weeding, watering and feeding your lawn. Instead, your fake lawn will require some routine but far less time-consuming jobs such as regular brushing with a stiff natural broom, removing leaves, weeds and any other debris. A quality synthetic lawn will look lush year-round: no muddy mess in the winter or parched brown lawns in the summer.

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