Home schooling looks set to continue for a while yet and, although this fills many parents with dread, it’s important to try and find some good points from this unique time. Children can learn different skills; perhaps subjects not usually on the curriculum, or learn in new ways and new settings outside of the formal classroom. It might be cold, but when the sun breaks through, it’s a good excuse to move outside and try some outdoor lessons.

What are the benefits of outdoor home schooling?

Children learn best when they are most engaged, so try to tap into whatever they love and take it outside! Outdoor lessons have several benefits:

Change of scenery

Break up the monotony of sitting at a table or desk and get outside for a change of scenery. Moving to a different place will help to re-energise and re-engage children of all ages. Mix up the more traditional subjects in creative ways. Think about getting young children to write in chalk, or use pebbles to help with learning times tables.

Learn different subjects

Traditional subjects like maths and English are obviously essential, but teaching children other topics is important to help with their development. Think about lessons involving nature and the environment, as well as science and art, all of which can make for perfect outdoor lessons.

A healthy mix

Outdoor home schooling gives children (and parents!) plenty of fresh air. A run around the garden is great for exercise plus, if the sun is shining, you’ll get a much-needed dose of vitamin D. Lastly, the break from the desk gives parent-teachers a welcome chance to catch their breath, and regain their patience!

Top ideas for outdoor home schooling

Looking for home schooling ideas for the garden? Practically any subject can convert creatively well to being taught outside. Here are just a few ideas: 

Reading – the great thing about reading or story time is that it can be done anywhere. So why not mix it up in a new environment and hopefully get some sunshine in the process too?

Art – any kind of artwork is perfect for outside lessons. Get creative and messy with paint; try drawing still life, or use larger sheets of paper to make collages from things you can find in the garden. Why not make it into a foraging task or even a contest amongst siblings while you’re at it?

P.E. – whether it’s running around, playing football, skipping, hula-hooping or catching and throwing, the ideas for P.E. home schooling are endless.

Gardening – helping children to grow something from scratch is incredibly rewarding. It will teach them the responsibility of keeping plants alive, and you can watch them develop together.

Science – what better way to explore the habitats of different creatures than being outside? Investigate first-hand the homes of insects, birds and other animals in your garden.

How can artificial grass enhance outdoor home schooling?

There are several benefits of having fake grass in your garden. Here’s how it can help your outdoor lessons…

False grass looks and feels good

Synthetic grass looks and feels good all year round. There’s no mud during the winter, unlike with real grass, so you and the kids can stomp all over it without the worry of treading lots of mess back into the house. Children love the feel of fake grass too, so it’s perfect to use with home schooling and exercising. If it’s not too wet, it can be comfy to sit on as well.

Synthetic grass is safe for kids

Fake grass is safe, soft and durable, making it the ideal environment for children to learn, play, exercise and relax. It’s also suitable for high footfall, especially if you invest in a specialist school grade product, plus it provides the perfect soft landing, providing you install a shockpad underlay with it.

Artificial grass is low-maintenance

Astro turf needs no mowing, watering or feeding. No chemicals, and no over-seeding. Only basic maintenance is required to keep a fake lawn looking its best year-round.

With such low-maintenance, you get more time to focus on the important things, like coming up with your next home schooling lesson!

For a new perspective on home schooling, choose synthetic grass from Astro Warehouse

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