Did you know that it’s possible to use artificial grass on walls? As well as using it as a lawn and inside the home, there are more creative uses. Join us as we explore a range of ways to use artificial grass for walls.

Artificial grass for garden walls

Garden walls can be covered in synthetic turf, as well as fences and gates. What better way to brighten up a garden and create a wow factor outdoor space? It’s also a great way to hide a multitude of sins.

Artificial grass on garden walls gives the impression of climbing plants or a living wall, especially if you use a deeper pile. Installing it is a breeze too. There are fixings that can be used to keep the fake grass on the wall securely, whilst being hidden from view. So your stunning garden feature will look completely natural, without all the hassle of watering, weeding or maintenance.

Fake grass for sheds and outbuildings

Imagine a shed covered in fake grass, what a spectacular feature! Even just one wall of a shed fitted with artificial grass can make a splash.

You could use artificial grass off-cuts to cover part of a shed or outbuilding too, which will make good use of any leftovers.

Artificial grass for conservatory walls

A conservatory or sun room overlooking the garden is the ideal place to use artificial grass on walls. Consider it an extension of your outdoor space and go ahead and make it lush green. A living wall that doesn’t need watering is the ideal compromise, and fake grass is the perfect solution.

Synthetic grass for playroom walls

If you’re looking for a fun way to bring a child’s playroom or nursery to life, try fitting fake grass to the walls. Colourful and vibrant, synthetic grass could make a fantastic feature wall that kids will love.

Add some ladybird, butterfly and flower motifs, and the wall becomes all the more interesting, as well as educational.

Fake grass for office walls

Adding greenery to a working environment is known to boost morale and help promote feelings of well-being. Using synthetic grass for walls in offices is the ideal way to create a living wall without the need for any maintenance or watering.

A brightly coloured wall with natural texture will also create a point of interest for visitors. Meetings will never be the same!

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