For many people who care about their gardens, weeds and pests are the biggest challenge. It can be difficult trying to cultivate a good-looking garden with plants and flowers, without have to resort to chemical weed killers and pest control. But these are not necessarily the best choices. Here, we look at chemical-free gardening and the benefits of organic gardening.

Why should we be aiming for chemical-free gardening?

There are many good reasons why chemical-free gardening should be our top priority…

  • Pesticides kill many types of insects, and not just the ones that are eating your plants. Vital pollinators such as bees are being killed because they are feeding from chemically treated plants, and this could be devastating for our ecosystems.
  • By killing off pests in your garden, you are affecting the natural food chain. For example, in eliminating caterpillars, birds and other wildlife such as frogs, bats and hedgehogs will be deprived of food.
  • Pesticides are poisons. They can pose a risk to your health if you eat crops that have been coated with pesticides. Organic gardening, especially when growing vegetables, is so much better for your health.
  • Pesticides and chemicals are harmful to children and pets. They need to be kept well away, or risk a serious accident. Chemical-free gardening is safer for everyone.
  • Chemicals can cause pollution and are harmful to the environment. The residue of toxins can run into the soil and rivers, causing serious problems for wildlife.

What are the best ways to get rid of weeds organically?

Whilst these organic gardening suggestions may take longer than the fast approach of chemicals, they are far better for you, the environment and the wildlife around you…

  • Cover the ground around your plants with mulch, which will prevent weeds growing through. Organic mulch can include leaves, grass clippings, hay, bark, sawdust, straw and manure. You can also place items such as newspaper, cardboard and wool over the top of these items to prevent light getting to the weeds. The whole process will improve nutrient flow within the soil.
  • Mow or cut back weeds that have shallow roots.
  • Dig out those weeds which have deep, ingrained roots, such as bindweed.
  • Prevention of future weeds is better than struggling with them when they arise. Plan for this by planting close together to prevent weeds forming, and by growing ground cover plants to prevent soil sitting empty, a breeding ground for weeds.

How best to ethically manage pests?

Chemical-free gardening means managing pests and diseases organically rather than with pesticides.

Ways to do this include:

  • Prevention is better than cure. Observe your garden regularly and check plants over for pests. Shake plants, remove pests or gently displace them with water.
  • Encourage biodiversity in your garden. Through promoting a range of wildlife such as different plants, birds, insects and soil types, nature will work together in harmony to manage pests and diseases, as it was originally designed to do.
  • Use dry barrier methods for slugs such as wool, oats and copper bands.

How does artificial grass help with organic gardening?

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance. As well as there being no need for mowing or watering, fake grass does not need weed killers, pesticides, fertilisers or other toxic chemicals. Owners of real grass may resort to these chemicals to keep lawns looking good, but with false grass you can enjoy chemical-free gardening, safe in the knowledge that your lawn will remain looking lush and green all year round.

With no need for mowers or strimmers, there will be less use of fossil fuels, so that’s less greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced damage to the environment.

For organic gardening, try artificial grass from Astro Warehouse

Organic gardening means relying more on nature and the natural approaches to gardening. Chemical-free gardening has definite advantages, not least being safer and more environmentally friendly.

Synthetic grass may not seem like the most obvious choice to help with organic gardening, but the benefits of not having to maintain it mean there’s less use of chemicals and harmful toxins.

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