Watching the different birds that visit your garden can be relaxing and enjoyable, and there is nothing to beat waking to a glorious dawn chorus. Attracting birds to your garden also means you’re helping do your bit for the eco-system. No matter what the size of your garden or where you live, if you’re wondering how to attract birds to your garden, read on for our top tips.

1.        Tempt with food

Food is one of the main reasons that birds will visit your garden. It may take a bit of time for birds to first realise that food is available, but once they know it’s there on a regular basis, they will keep coming back.

Set up some bird feeders in your garden, but be sure to place them in a safe area which is close to or on the branches of a tree. This way it will provide birds with cover and protection from the danger of predators.

If you’re thinking about how to attract different birds to your garden, try using a variety of foods. Here are some ideas:

Peanuts – these are a good source of protein and fat and are favoured by finches, siskins and tits.

Sunflower hearts – are also rich in protein and easy for birds to eat. Siskins, robins, finches and house sparrows particularly enjoy them.

Niger seeds – these tiny black seeds are popular with goldfinches, greenfinches and siskins.

Suet balls – a good choice for the winter months as they nourish birds with calories. Blue tits, robins and long-tailed tits particularly like suet balls.

2.          Offer fresh water

Birds need fresh water for drinking and bathing, so when thinking about how to attract birds into your garden, make sure you provide a clean water source, and re-fill it regularly.

Think about adding a bird bath or even a shallow bowl of water, but be sure to position it in a place where birds have a clear view of possible predators.

3.             Provide shelter

If you’re looking at how to attract wild birds to your garden, shelter is the third most important factor after food and water.

Try adding a few bird boxes in different locations. Avoid putting boxes in direct sunshine though, or where strong winds can damage them. Also be sure to position your bird box where it can’t be reached by cats and other predators.

4.             Plant for birds

You can encourage birds to build their own nests by planting certain trees and shrubs in your garden. Try holly, rowan or hawthorn, or anything thick or prickly that will provide a safe haven from predators. Birds also love to nest in birch trees, which provide a rich source of natural seed.

Certain trees and shrubs will help to provide natural food for birds too. Trees that bear lush, antioxidant-rich berries such as rowan and holly are popular with many birds, as are plants that have seeds such as sunflowers and honeysuckle. Finally, you can try growing flowers and plants that attract insects for birds to feed on. Ivy and hawthorn host caterpillars which are perfect food for baby birds feeding in the spring.

5.             Free up time and money

Looking at how to attract birds to your garden? Realistically, it may take some time and money. You’ll need extra resources to buy and install bird boxes, bird baths, food, trees and shrubs. One way to save time and money is to install fake grass in your garden.

Compared to a natural lawn, synthetic grass will cut the maintenance and amount you spend on your garden drastically. You’ll no longer have to spend hours mowing, feeding or watering your lawn. Nor will you spend as much money on products to maintain or care for your grass.

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