If your decking has seen better days, one idea is to clear it and devote the area to a lush new fake lawn. But, rather than waste the decking, why not try upcycling it? Here we explore how to make a garden bench using the leftover boards from your decking.

How to make a simple garden bench

A simple garden bench can look beautiful placed in a quiet spot, giving you time to think or perhaps enjoy the sun.

For this simple bench, you will need:

  • A board from your decking measuring 1.5 metres in length for the seat
  • Two boards for the legs measuring 0.5 metres
  • A board measuring 1.25 metres long for the brace
  • Three 1.3cm screws

Assemble the top of the board bench into the legs using three 1.3cm screws. The board should sit on top of the legs, leaving 10cm overhang each side. Fit the brace between the legs, measuring 15cm up from the base.

How to make a garden table and bench

Why not use your old decking boards to make a table and bench? Your new creation could be placed on the spot where the decking once stood. A garden table and bench is an excellent place to picnic, eat dinner or, in the style of a pub garden, sit and enjoy a cold beer.

For this project, you will need:

  • Four 1.5 metre decking boards for the seat
  • Four 1.2 metre decking boards for the table
  • Four 0.9 metre decking boards to make the legs
  • Two 1.4 metre decking boards to make the bench supports
  • 45mm screws

Take the boards set aside to use as bench supports and cut off an angle of 45 degrees. Lay the boards down with the longer section at the top.

Attach one of the bench seat boards into the bench support with two of the 45mm screws. This should be 60mm from the seat edge.

Do the same at the other end of the bench. Then add the third and fourth seat lengths.

Next, fix the legs to the supports using two more of the 45mm screws on each leg and starting 270mm from the floor. Do the same on the other side. Your seats and supports are now complete.

Finally, place the table-top boards across the top of the legs, making sure to level up on both sides. Use the last of the 45mm screws to secure this in place.

Create the perfect spot for your new garden bench

Once your decking has been cleared, you could either seed the area to start a natural lawn, or for an easier alternative, install fake turf. An artificial lawn will immediately look impressive rather than waiting for grass to grow, and your new bench will instantly look at home on its new lush green spot.

With synthetic grass you’ll have the added benefit of less maintenance than real grass. No mowing around your bench, no weeds and no mud!

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