Artificial grass can have an extremely good lifespan if well maintained. And over time, this gives excellent value for money. Coupled with the fact that it is low-maintenance in comparison to a real lawn, premium grade cheap artificial turf is a great choice for many homeowners. But how long will it typically last, and how to get the most out of it?

One of the joys of installing artificial grass is the fact that it is low maintenance and does not require the constant cycle of watering, feeding and reseeding. But when it comes to synthetic grass, how long does it typically last? This will highly depend on the quality of your fake turf, but whether you’ve chosen the budget artificial grass UK householders often opt for, or something which is of premium grade, you can still expect a good result either way.

However, there are certain tips and tricks which landscapers, carpet retailers and builders should be aware of to help keep a synthetic lawn looking its lush green best.

Does cheap astro turf have a good lifespan?

Premium grade cheap astro turf, such as the quality we sell here at Astro Warehouse, will enjoy a good lifespan. It can typically give you anything up to 20 years’ worth of enjoyment within your garden.

This means that, although you have that initial outlay, the artificial turf price is actually very good value for money and a great investment for households looking to improve their outdoor space quickly, and with little ongoing maintenance.

How can I ensure my artificial turf lasts as long as possible?

It’s imperative that an artificial lawn gets off to the right start. This means following the proper preparation and installation instructions on your synthetic turf rolls. It’s also really important to ensure the site of your fake lawn has excellent drainage.

How do you maintain artificial grass?

To prolong the life of synthetic lawn, it’s important that the right maintenance guidelines are followed. This includes using a broom, a plastic rake or a leaf blower to remove leaves and debris, and giving it a good brush on a regular basis to keep the fibres of the false grass standing upright.

If anything gets spilt on fake grass, it can simply be washed away with water (it’s better not to use cleaning products on it) and it’s important that homeowners know not to put anything hot, such as barbeques, on their artificial lawn. Similarly, if they’re placing anything heavy on their fake grass, such as garden furniture, make sure that the load is spread so as not to create too many indentations.

Does the budget artificial grass UK householders opt for give good value for money?

Premium grade cheap astro turf if always good value for money. No mowing, feeding, fertilising or watering your grass for two decades? Just think of the savings! The astro turf price, whether a budget friendly option or something a little more luxurious, works out as good value for money in comparison to a real lawn, which often requires a huge amount of maintenance in addition to money.

When it comes to the supply of budget artificial grass UK wide, our trade-friendly supply of artificial turf to trade and commercial customers is great value for money for the homeowner. You are welcome to get in touch with the helpful team here at Astro Warehouse today for all the advice you need.