As we move into December and autumn turns to winter, the weather is already colder, and the possibility of snow has already been mentioned in the forecast. If you’ve recently had fake grass installed, you might be thinking “how does artificial grass hold up in snow?” Here we explore how to take care of artificial grass in winter and discuss what you should and shouldn’t do with artificial grass and snow.

Can artificial grass be damaged by snow?

A high quality fake turf is tolerant of the cold weather conditions that we typically experience in the UK. If your false grass has had a light covering of snow, it’s fine to walk or play on it, just be careful if there is any ice, as the blades of your false lawn will stiffen and become frosty which may make them slippery.

If there has been a heavy bout of ice or frost, the blades of the grass can become brittle and you may cause damage when walking on your synthetic grass. Instead, allow the snow to melt and drain away naturally.

The good news is that snow will not affect the colour or fibres of your artificial grass.

False grass can get flattened by the snow. It should over time naturally bounce back or, if you can’t wait, you can use a soft bristled broom to help the pile return to its normal state.

To avoid your synthetic turf turning into a soggy mess, try to clear any debris such as leaves, twigs and moss from the surface before a snow shower is expected.

Artificial grass and snow can get along together! The best course of action is to just leave the snow to gradually melt away, as a good quality false grass can cope easily with the drainage from the extra water.

What should you NOT do with artificial grass in winter?

Wondering how does artificial grass hold up in snow? Here are some things you should avoid doing to keep your fake lawn looking good.

DON’T use salt to melt ice and snow, as the salt may block up the drainage holes on the backing of your astro turf.

DON’T shovel the snow and ice on your false lawn, as the hard metal of your shovel could easily damage the artificial turf as well as its backing.

How does artificial grass hold up in snow? Ask the experts at Astro Warehouse.

Wondering how does artificial grass hold up in snow? The short answer is that high quality fake grass can cope very well. The best way to deal with artificial grass and snow is to allow it to naturally drain away over time and not try to force the issue by using a shovel, salt or chemicals to melt the snow.

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