If you’ve just started exploring options for artificial grass, you may be wondering about all the different terminology. Is AstroTurf the same as fake grass, for example? Is there any difference between synthetic grass and false turf? Are they all the same, or is there something unique about each? Here we explain what AstroTurf is, why it is different to artificial grass, and how everything else fits in. We’ll also look at the benefits of choosing Astro Warehouse does and how they can best help when you’re looking at fake grass.

What is AstroTurf?

AstroTurf is a brand of artificial grass. It was created in 1965 by an American company called Monsanto, which specialises in training grounds and large sports pitches. Monsanto claimed that the advantages of using AstroTurf rather than natural grass was that it needed little maintenance, did not need sunlight, and was ideal for indoor stadiums. AstroTurf was subsequently used for many indoor and outdoor stadiums across America.

At the time, AstroTurf was the only company selling artificial grass. This led to synthetic grass in general being commonly referred to as ‘AstroTurf’. Rather like ‘Hoover’ became the adopted name for the vacuum cleaner so astro turf became the accepted term for fake grass.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is the broad term that refers to all man-made material that is used to imitate natural grass. It is also commonly referred to as fake grass, synthetic grass, artificial turf, false grass and fake turf. As mentioned, it is also often referred to as astro turf, which is a variation of the official brand name, AstroTurf.

Fake grass has moved on considerably since the 1960s. It is no longer the rigid, stiff material it once was. Now the quality is exceptional, and the look and feel are so realistic that many people will often struggle to tell the difference between fake grass and a natural lawn.

As fake turf has evolved over the years, it has seen a growth in popularity, with thousands of people choosing to install it in their gardens, sports venues, schools, gyms, golf courses and many other indoor and outdoor venues. There are even specialist fake grass products specially engineered for sports and school use.

Synthetic grass lets you enjoy the winning combination of beautiful, natural looking grass that is incredibly durable, with hassle-free maintenance. There’s none of the mowing, watering, or muddiness that you would associated with real grass.

Astro Warehouse and artificial grass

Astro Warehouse is a top rated supplier of artificial grass for trades and self-installation. We offer a wide choice of fake grass products to suit every need, whether for gardens, schools, gyms, golf, sports, or exhibitions or events.

At Astro Warehouse, we are renowned for supplying premium quality fake grass at the lowest prices. We also provide everything you need to install synthetic grass, from shock pad underlay and sand to all-weather glue. In other words, we are your go-to supplier for everything artificial grass.

For natural looking fake grass at prices you CAN afford, choose Astro Warehouse.

Whilst AstroTurf may have been the original manufacturer of artificial grass, things have moved on radically so that synthetic grass now looks and feels like the real thing. And that is certainly what we sell here at Astro Warehouse.

Astro Warehouse stocks a range of artificial grass products to suit any project. Our premium quality fake grass also comes by the roll ready for any DIY installation project and perfect for trade use.

Need samples? Order yours here. We also have a range of installation guides to help you fit your artificial grass on any surface. Questions? Get in touch with our helpful team.